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At Conservas La Rosita we are aware that the fishing industry is an important source of food for many communities around the world, but it is also a source of concern for sustainability due to overfishing and the environmental impact of fishing activities.

In general, sustainability in the fisheries sector requires a long-term commitment from all stakeholders, including consumers. Only by working together can we guarantee the availability of fish stocks for future generations.

Sustainable fishing involves the adoption of management measures limiting the amount of fish that can be caught, the type of fishing gear that can be used and the fishing areas that can be accessible, minimising the impact of fishing on the marine ecosystem and ensuring fair use of fishery resources; therefore not only the needs of fishermen but also the conservation of marine habitats and fish species are taken into account.


And why it is important

MSC – Marine Stewardship Council –  is an international organisation committed to promoting sustainable fishing and ensuring that fish products come from responsibly managed sources.

The MSC certification process is rigorous and includes a careful assessment of the management of fishery resources, the environmental impact of fishing activities and the traceability of products.

Choosing an MSC certified product means choosing a product that has been fished sustainably and that supports fishing communities engaged in responsible practices. At Conservas La Rosita, we are proud to offer our customers a product that is not only delicious, but also ethical and environmentally sustainable.

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