Culinary treasures from the Cantabrian Sea:
a journey among anchovies and marine delicacies

Here begins the journey to an extraordinary recipe book, dedicated to the catch of the Cantabrian Sea, which offers a wide range of delicacies, including delicious anchovies and much more.

A real treasure chest of culinary treasures from the waters of the Cantabrian Sea. Each page of this recipe book will reveal the authentic essence of fresh fish and marine delicacies, through creative dishes and traditions handed down over time.

Cantabrian anchovies, with their intense and delicate flavour, are just one of the treasures kept in the cookbook. You will discover a wide range of culinary proposals, where the catch of the Cantabrian sea is expressed in all its goodness and variety.

Through Conservas La Rosita,  you will learn about the secrets of Cantabrian fishermen; their stories of dedication and respect for the marine environment. 

Start this culinary journey and be enchanted by the deep sea of flavours that awaits you!

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