We are proud to offer our customers a natural product, without preservatives or chemical additives.

Each anchovy is handmade with care and passion to ensure maximum goodness and quality.

Our greatest satisfaction is to be able to convey to our customers, the rigor with which we work our Anchovies: a painstaking work, attentive to detail and naturally artisanal.

For this reason, we want to show you all the production processes, so that you too can be aware and satisfied with your purchase on Conservas La Rosita.

Landing fish

Anchovies are caught with purse seines, with zero environmental impact. Once reached one of the ports of the Cantabrian coast – Santona, Laredo, Castro Urdiales, Santander – the fishing boats deliver the anchovy boxes to the market: here the commission agents can check the catch, before buying it at auction.

Our anchovies are transported by refrigerated truck to our factory in Corrales de Buelna.

Fish selection and cleaning

Anchovies processing is carried out, selecting the fish by size and eliminating heads and entrails; damaged or unsuitable fish will be discarded and destined for by-product. Wash gently in tanks containing brine, the anchovies will be rinsed to remove any residue.

Salting in tins

The decapitated and eviscerated anchovies are placed in a tin can, alternating a layer of fish and a layer of salt to fill the box; it follows the pressing phase consisting of a slow pressing of the product to eliminate the liquids and fats present. After 24 hours, the boxes are placed in the crown, forming towers: the open boxes will be periodically checked one by one and when the maturing is completed, they will be sealed and can be sold.

Salting in barrels for the production of fillets in oil

The anchovies decapitated and eviscerated, well cleaned, are beaded in barrels, alternating them with layers of coarse salt; the salt causes the pulp to dehydrate and carry out the seasoning that will lead the fish to obtain the typical color and flavor.

Washing and drying

After maturing in barrels, the anchovies intended for processing in oil are removed from the containers and washed in cold water to remove excess salt; wrapped in cloths are centrifuged to eliminate any trace of water; with a rag of fishing net are brushed with care removing skin and scales; follows the cut and elimination of belly and tail.

Canning and storage on anchovies in oil

Delicately boned, the anchovy fillets are placed in glass jars or metal cans, with the addition of olive oil or sunflower oil. The oil has a dual function: it guarantees the preservation over time and improves the flavor. All containers are hermetically sealed and sealed.

Labelling and final packaging

After washing to remove traces of oil and grease, the jars and boxes are dried and labelled; the label will show all the information required by law and in particular the lot number, expiry date, net weight and drained, the list of ingredients, storage statements, etc. The labelled jars and tins will be packed in cardboard boxes to handle transport and distribution in maximum safety and always at temperature .

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