Ours is a story of a healthy friendship. 

Conservas La Rosita is the ambitious project of two entrepreneurs who meet again after years and propose to do something together, each offering their own experiences, skills and competences.

Franco has been working for over 40 years in the field of anchovy preserves, the son of art and guardian of the ancient methods of artisanal processing of salted blue fish and anchovy fillets in oil.

Francesco is an established professional in the corporate marketing sector and particularly suited to web communication and passionate about food & beverage retail.

We decided to invest in Spain, in Cantabria, where the most renowned anchovies in the world are fished. 

Our corporate mission? To offer a product that knows history, tradition and respect for the marine ecosystem.

We aim to give the consumer the exact balance of taste and pleasure, as well as a greater awareness of what he buys and consumes. 

The best anchovies of the Cantabrian Sea, worked with skill, thanks to the tradition of salting and seasoning handed down from generation to generation, to bring on your tables a delicious and pulpy anchovy that enhances and embellishes your recipes. 

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