Have you ever found a package of anchovies of Cantabrico in olive oil in the refrigerator but do not recognize if they went bad or not? To understand this, just follow these useful tips.

Checking the expiration date: it seems trivial but it is certainly the first thing you should note; If the anchovies are over the expiration date, it is advisable to avoid them.

Visual aspect: good quality anchovies should appear compact and completely immersed in oil. If you notice signs of mold, strange spots or the presence of air inside the packaging, it is a sign that the anchovies may be deteriorated.

Smell: Fresh anchovies should have a pleasant sea scent, while rotting anchovies may have an unpleasant or ammoniacal smell. 

Consistency: anchovies in good quality oil should have a firm and compact consistency. If the anchovies are soft or crumbly to the touch, it could be a sign of deterioration.

Taste: you could taste only a small piece of anchovy to evaluate its taste. Good quality anchovies should have a rich, aromatic and slightly salty taste. If anchovies have a bitter or rancid taste, it is better to avoid consuming them.

Storage: The anchovies in oil should be kept in the refrigerator, in the coldest part or at the temperature indicated in the package.  Make sure that the anchovies are completely immersed in the oil to preserve their freshness. If you notice changes in the oil, such as a cloudy appearance or an unpleasant smell, it could be a sign that the anchovies are compromised. 

Conservas La Rosita hopes to have been useful to you and we are sure that from today you will have no doubts about whether the anchovies in oil you have in the fridge are still good to eat and if you want some useful tips on how to store your salted anchovies or in olive oil, you just have to read this article


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