Among the countless combinations that can surprise the palate, the one between blue cheese (gorgonzola) and Cantabrian anchovies stands out for its delicious harmony between the creaminess of cheese and the soft texture of anchovy.

Let’s discover together some curiosities about blue cheese, its taste profile and how it can be combined with Cantabrian anchovies to create extraordinary dishes.

Blue cheese: an intense taste experience

Blue cheese is a soft or semi-soft cheese imbued with penicillium moulds that give the cheese its distinctive blue-green veins and its characteristic intense and complex taste. Native to the mountainous regions of Europe, blue cheese is often considered a delicacy due to its buttery texture and unique combination of sweetness and pungent spiciness.

The culinary harmony

The combination of blue cheese and Cantabrian anchovies is a perfect example of how contrasts can create a symphony of unexpectedly delicious flavors. On the one hand, blue cheese with its bold complexity underlines the pungent sweetness of anchovies. On the other hand, the anchovies, with their marine sapidity, balance the richness of the cheese, adding freshness and creaminess.

Ideal combinations of dishes

1. Crostini with blue cheese and Anchovies: Prepare crispy croutons spread with a cream of blue cheese, then garnish with Cantabrian anchovies in oil and a splash of honey.

2. Spinach and Anchovy Salad: Create a fresh spinach salad, add thin slices of blue cheese and anchovies, and season with a light vinaigrette for a combination of tastes and textures.

3. Pasta with Pesto di Queso Azul and Anchovies: Mix the crumbled blue cheese with a base of pesto with anchovies, then season the pasta al dente for a rich and tasty dish.

Whether served in small tastings or in elaborate main dishes, these ingredients offer a culinary experience that leaves a lasting impression of delicacy!

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