Cantabrian Anchovy with Roquefort

Two gastronomic treasures from different traditions, but able to create a symphony of unique flavors that delight the senses.

The Roquefort cheese

From the French region of Roquefort-sur-Soulzon, Roquefort cheese is one of the gems of the French dairy tradition. Made with sheep’s milk, this blue cheese is characterized by a creamy paste, dotted with blue-green mold veins that give it a robust, spicy and distinctive flavor. Roquefort is known for its aromatic complexity and creamy texture, making it an ideal choice for the boldest cheese lovers.

The perfect match

The combination of Cantabrian anchovy with Roquefort cheese creates a unique and satisfying combination of flavors. The flavor of the anchovies is combined with the creaminess and strong character of Roquefort, generating a synergy that enhances both ingredients. The marine flavour of the anchovies blends elegantly with the spicy and complex notes of the cheese, creating a harmonious balance.

Cooking tips

To best enjoy this gastronomic couple, it is advisable to arrange the anchovies of the Cantabrico on a slightly toasted bread crouton and garnish with thin slices of Roquefort. A touch of honey or fig jam can add a complementary sweetness to this bold combination. 

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This combination, which combines the Cantabrian sea with the hills of France, is an ode to culinary creativity and an experience that will win over gourmets looking for unique and unforgettable flavors.

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